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Optical Component Manufacturing: We Make It

Shapeoptics takes customers from prototype to volume production and specializes in creating cost-effective solutions that meet our customer’s specifications, timelines, and budgets. Whether the requirements are a build-to-print custom optical component, or optical prism, our engineers can create ideal solutions for your unique optical challenges.

Manufacturing Capabilities

    Optical component, such as lens or optical prism are used in a wide range of applications, such as microscopy, imaging, life science, testing and measurement. Shapeoptics custom made optical component are designed with specific substrates, moreover, our custom optical coatings are optimized on the performance in UV, visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR wavelength. With the help of state-of-the-art metrology, Shapeoptics is committed to high quality and top performance optical component and optical prism provider.

With the strength of our off-shore manufacturing partners, we are able to provide spherical (singles, achromatic/doublets), Plano (windows, mirrors, beam-splitters, optical prism),and   cylindrical optics. Moreover, aspheric lens design and its manufacturing is also produced in house for many customer and application.

Below are summaries of our optical component manufacturing capabilities for:

Our superior products whatever in single prototype or mass production,  All start from the finest materials.

One-Stop Optical Crystals Selection

“Optical crystal” refers to a type of high-quality, lead-free glass that is exceptionally clear and free from imperfections. It is often used in the manufacturing of lenses, prisms, and other optical components due to its high transparency and excellent light-refracting properties. The clarity and purity of optical crystal make it an ideal choice for precision optics in scientific instruments, photography, and various types of visual equipment.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Spherical Optics – Capabilities and Tolerances

Optical component Spherical optics

Cylindrical Optics – Capabilities and Tolerances

Plano/Plane/Flat Optics – Capabilities and Tolerances

Multi-Element and Component Assembly Tolerances – including optics

Assembled in a nitrogen environment

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Design for Cost-Effective optical component and optical prism

Our engineers share a single vision and a common goal: to meet the challenges of virtually any optical problem with world-class, cost-effective solutions and to follow these solutions through to hardware implementation. Our comprehensive approach includes collaborating with you to achieve your quality, performance, packaging, weight, schedule and budget goals.  Our design expertises, especially in aspheric lens design and optical prism design,  coupled with an understanding of fabrication processes and careful tolerance analysis, ensure that our solutions will perform as predicted. Using the superior engineering capabilities, we develop accurate designs quickly and efficiently.

If You Need Help Selecting a optical component supplier?

Because our product is your success, we would proactively help you identify the best optical component supplier for your system and work with you to satisfy your needs, whatever it is from aspherical lens or optical prism. In considering the optical supplier for your optical system, we match your needs for fabrication and assembly tolerances to the capabilities of optical component suppliers we know well. By providing you with a list of qualified fabricators, we put you in a good position to negotiate a competitive price and the quality you require.

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