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A prism is a transparent polyhedron, which is formed by two intersecting but uneven lines.A prism is used to light the path of light or to disperse the beam. We can process a rectangular prism, a diagonal prism, a pentagonal prism, and so on


●Cameras, projectors, periscopes and telescopes

●Fingerprints, levels, gun sights, and solar energy onverters

●Measuring instrument, optical devices

●Medical instrument, laser treatment equipment


●The first-class raw materials

●Good surface type

●Tiny error

●High optical aperture

●Any specifications


●Material:Flused Silica ,k9

●Size Tolerance:±0.05~±0.2

●Ange Tolerance:30″~3′


●Surface Quality:40/20~80/50

●Clear Aperture:>85%

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