Opto Technical Consultancy

Shape it to the standards

   Shapeoptics technologies has the ability to offer fully integrated project concepts from initial optic design stage through to manufacture and services.

The optic design process involves crafting a custom optic design for a specific lens that focuses on meeting your specific needs. At Shapeoptics, we hold ourselves to the highest possible design standards. We combine competitive manufacturing costs, a streamlined optic design process and fast delivery services,  provide you a “global optic design consultant service.”  Our capabilities include supplying complete Aspherical lens design, Fresnel lens design from UV to IR wavelength lenses. The engineers and optic design consultant at Shapeoptics are here to help bring your vision to life, from prototyping to volume production.

Looking for an Optic design consultant?

We know electro- optic design, thermo-optics, opto-mechanics and materials science. From design conceptualization through flight hardware delivery, we’ll ask the right questions and formulate answers that lead to cost-effective solutions. We have the right optic design consultants, tools and methods to make sure your system works in the real world. 

 Our engineers can integrate mechanical, electrical and optic to create a complete solution for our customers in the most cost-effective ways. Custom optics are optimized with design for manufacturing input, which often takes advantage of special elements such as aspherical lens design and Fresnel lens design. 

Looking for an Optical "insider"?

With decades of experiences and skills in system-level application, designs and fabrications, Shapeoptics provides the most cost effective and producible integration solution without compromising imaging quality or system performance. We understand the key techniques that improve system performances. Our know-how and advanced methodology can help you achieve the intended goals. Considering the evaluation criteria of your imaging or illumination system performance,  Shapeoptics’ optical ” insider” can identify suitable optical elements and propose the optimum combination after conducting a thoroughly performance simulation and tolerance analysis and manufacturing feasibility study. Aspherical lens design and Fresnel lens design will be considered only when necessary.  You will have world-class level optic design consultant service in shapeoptics. 

If You Can’t Afford Surprises

We can help quantify performance versus schedule risk and identify any showstoppers early in the design process. Our optic design consultant provide selected quality guidance and proactive, independent technical assessments, analyses and recommendations based on our interdisciplinary know-how and experience. We can help you relieve a tolerance burden or manage risks effectively before they become hardware problems. The result: overall program cost reductions and successful systems delivery.

Optic Design for Cost-Effective Prototype and Manufacture

Our engineers share a single vision and a common goal: to meet the challenges of virtually any OPTO design problem with world-class, cost-effective solutions and to follow these solutions through to hardware implementation. Our comprehensive approach includes collaborating with you to achieve your quality, performance, packaging, weight, schedule and budget goals. Our optic design expertise, especially in fresnel lens design and aspherical lens design,  coupled with an understanding of fabrication processes and careful tolerance analysis, ensure that our optic design will perform as predicted. Using the superior engineering capabilities, we develop accurate Opto design quickly and efficiently.

If You Need Help Selecting a Fabricator in Fresnel Lens Design

Because our product is your success, we can proactively help you identify the best fabricators for your system and work with you to communicate your needs in aspherical lens and Fresnel lens. In considering fabricators for your project, we match your needs for fabrication and assembly tolerances to the capabilities of fabricators we know well. And we will propose aspherical lens and fresnel lens only when necessary. By providing you with a list of qualified fabricators, for example, a list of fabricators for you, we put you in a position to negotiate a competitive price and the quality you require.

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