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     Drawing on the depth of engineering talents in Singapore, Shape Optics technologies Pte Ltd, established in 2015, is with a team over 20 years of collaborative experience in optical engineering services for a wide variety of applications for optical lighting system and optical metrology tools. We help our customers move from lighting design to optical prototype to full production.

    Within just a few years, shape optics has completed more than 20 completed projects in optical imaging, optical illumination applications.

Opto-lighting design
Optical mirror coating-internal reflection

Backed by our vast experience in R&D environment, we serve as an extended resource to many local and overseas companies in product development and subsequent optical product transfer to production scale up. 

     In 2018, Shape optics Technolgoies Pte Ltd, China, was established,  located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu province,  with 1200 m2  manufacturing area. It produces a wide range of high precision spherical lens, aspherical lens, cylindrical lens, optical prism and flat optics components for OEM customers from industries of Laser, Telecom, Biomedical instruments and Analysis instruments. We utilize different manufacturing processes including CNC, rotational, double-sided polishing and  IBS, IAD, EB technique for optical mirror coating and AR coating. 


binocular-optical engineering services

Optics Lovers

     With an experienced and skilled staff knowledgeable in the area of  optical lighting design,  we continually innovate product portfolio offering to our customers.  Until now, members of the optical team have been awarded over 20 patents in the field of  optical engineering services.

      Based on our standard platform and our expertise, we offer very competitive customized optical lighting design specific to the needs of our customers.

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      Shape optics is an optical engineering services provider in Singapore. We offer custom lighting design, AR coating, optical mirror coating, optical lens, optical assembly and other optical engineering services. In Singapore, we’re one of the top custom lens manufacturers that specializes in custom lens assembly  and delivers the best cost-effective custom optical engineering services. By combining high-quality custom components with the latest state of the art advanced metrology, our experts deliver breakthrough custom optical lighting design solution  for the toughest optical problems.

optical mirror coating application
Our vision- lighting design

We will be recognized for being:

A premier provider of the highest quality, state-of-the-art optical solutions;

A great place to work;

A growing, profitable optical company 

Our mission-lighting design

We provide state-of-the-art optical solutions that focus on the use of light and optics technologies to enhance the performance of our customers’ products and applications

Our value-lighting design

The attitudes and character that influence everything we do

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

        Our focus is on innovative, cost-effective optical design. We enjoy solving problems with creativity and collaboration.

Optical Engineering Services Application

We service companies from a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, biomedical, life science, industrial, consumer and defense. We invite you to work with us to move your optical system to market as quickly as possible with the lowest cost.

Optical Engineering services-Clinic

Medical Applications

  • Skin treatment
  • Eye surgery
  • Micro surgery
  • Life Sciences (Confocal Microscopy)
Optical Engineering services-Laser optics

Laser Material Processing

  • Laser perforation
  • Laser ablation
  • Laser hardening and re-melting
  • Laser micro machining
Optical Engineering services-llumination optics

Illumination & Detection

  • 3D Mapping / sensing
  • Machine Vision
  • Volume and movement tracking
  • High-End Alignment
optics design-flow cytometer

Other Lens Design Applications

  • Astronomy
  • Optical communications
  • Optical tweezers
  • Cytometry (particle measurement)
  • 3D detection and measurements
  • Modal optics
  • Spectroscopy

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