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What is Opto Mechanical Engineering?

Opto engineering is the study of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation (photons) with mechanical systems via radiation pressure . It is not just providing a holder or mount for optical components. Improperly mounting can cause stresses or distortions for component surfaces and degrade system performance under operating environment conditions. In IR Wavelength illumination optics system, the stresses caused by heater on opto mechanical parts is more obvious. 

Working with Shapeoptics technologies allows firms to leverage their own expertise and enhance their productivity at a compelling price.

We are customer-focused and aim to deliver precisely what you need and to give clients maximum project control. Our customers have come to consider Shapeoptics as a resource that enhances their own opto engineering capabilities with a significantly lower cost than doing the job internally. Moreover, we are rigorous in our protection of our clients’ intellectual property.

       We employ a multi-disciplined team offering reliable and practical advice to the opto mechanical needs. Our key areas of opto engineering and design are:

  • Opto engineering and Feasibility Studies
  • Illumination optics design
  • Concept and Scheme Design
  • Implementation and Commissioning
  • Resource Augmentation

In a short response times, we are able to present flexible solutions and lifelong technical support. 

Design for Cost-Effective illumination optics System

Our engineers share a single vision and a common goal: to meet the challenges of virtually any opto engineering problem with world-class, cost-effective solutions and to follow these solutions through to hardware implementation. Our comprehensive opto engineering approach includes collaborating with you to achieve your quality, performance, packaging, weight, schedule and budget goals. Our illumination optics design expertise, coupled with an understanding of fabrication processes and careful tolerance analysis, ensure that our solutions will perform as predicted. Using the superior engineering capabilities, we develop accurate opto-mechanical designs quickly and efficiently.

Our Opto Mechanical Manufacturing Abilities

  Reducing customzied optical product life-cycles and delivering true rapid prototyping is critical to the success of devices and instruments that rely on imaging and illumination optics. With new technologies being introduced at such lightning speed, decreasing the time it takes to develop prototypes has become a necessity. The faster customers can prototype, the faster a product can get to market.  That’s our value and the mission driving us forward. 

Diamond Turning Technique for opto engineering

Single point diamond turning is a technique that refers to machines which uses ultra sharp diamond as a cutting tool. Lathes are also used to increase the accuracy to product plastic or metal optics. For example: illumination optics lens shape. 

The use of special machine tools (Eg: Diamond Lathe) with single-crystal diamond-cutting tools to produce metal optics is called diamond-turning.

The diamond-turning process produces finished surfaces by very accurately cutting away a thin chip or layer of the surface. The resulting surface is often of a high quality mirror finish with a profile that accurately adheres to the desired final product.  

Diamond turning techniques is one of our fast approaches to produce prototype in opto engineering.

Injection Molding Technique in Opto engineering

Injection Molding and Replication are the two main processes that we apply in opto mechanical system. In injection molding, we make use of highly precise, electric injection molding machines that are equipped with optical screws and barrels calibrated in the nano to sub-microns scale. We have experiences molding optics that are as small as 0.01 g and as large as 50 g, which could be applied in imaging and illumination optics system. 

On the other hand, optical replication is a  process that shapeoptics Technologies developed. Through it, we can fabricate clear optical components that are capable of withstanding multi-pass solder reflow conditions of up to 265°C for 30 sec exposure.

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If You Need Help Selecting a Fabricator in Opto engineering

Because our product is your success, we can proactively help you identify the best fabricators for your system and work with you to communicate your needs. In considering opto mechanical suppliers for your project, whatever in illumination optics or imaging optics,  we match your needs for fabrication tolerances to the capabilities of fabricators that we know well. By providing you with a list of qualified supplier in opto mechanical engineering, we put you in a position to negotiate a competitive price and the quality you require.

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