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Shapeoptics technologies is one of the optical companies in Singapore offers a comprehensive optical design services covering all aspects of imaging optics and illumination optics, from the generation of specifications to optical prototype with manufacturing drawings.

Our wide optics design experience covers many different applications:


  • Lens design and evaluation; deep ultra violet to far infra red
  • Simple single element systems to complex zoom lenses
  • Optical and instrumentation design for astronomical telescopes
  • High resolution imaging to illumination/detection systems
  • Freeform design for optical diode beam shaping
  • LED replacement for traditional lighting systems
  • Illumination system design through to prototyping and production sourcing
  • Performance analysis of LEDs, fibre lasers and DPSS lasers

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Our optics design and modeling capabilities include experience with both optical design software Zemax and simulation software Matlab.

One-Stop Infrared Optics design

Designing infrared optics involves creating optical systems that are specifically optimized to operate in the infrared spectrum, which ranges from about 700 nanometers to 1 millimeter in wavelength. This spectrum is divided into near-infrared, mid-infrared, and far-infrared bands. The design of infrared optics is critical in various applications including thermal imaging, night vision, remote sensing, and telecommunications.

Company optics Design Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

Our optical design services is well equipped with optical design software Zemax, and mechanical design software  Solidworks. The statistics software Jmp and Matlab simulation software empower us the analyze skills. Moreover, Filmstar optical coating software enhances our optical thin film design capabilities.  

Tailor-Made Optical Solution

Opto Technical ConsultancyWe provide optical engineering services that accelerate innovation in a broad range of industries, including: Consumer products, Pharmaceutical, life science, material science, semiconductor and energy sectors.

Optical Design Service Coverage

Our team’s design services are wide ranging—from designing endoscopes and telescopes to developing optical components, from general illumination to backlit displays. Here are some examples.

 Imaging system

  • Cell phone cameras
  • Laser scanners
  • Medical imaging systems
  • Military optics
  • Advanced lithography and inspection
  • Digital imaging
  • Zoom lenses
  • Spectrometers
  • Telecommunications
  • Binary and other diffractive optics

Sources and General Illumination Systems

  • LED luminaires
  • LED backlights (RGB and W)
  • LED light engines
  • LED light pipes
  • LED beam-shaping optics
  • Freeform reflectors
  • Freeform refractive lenses
  • Medical Lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Camera flashes
  • Illuminators for imaging applications
  • Street sights
  • Machine vision illumination
  • Entertainment lighting
  • Medical instruments
  • Automotive lighting, interior and exterior
  • Instrument clusters
  • Aviation Lighting
  • Fiber optic illumination
  • Modeling of volumetric scattering materials
  • Custom LightTools macro development
  • Photorealistic renderings for concept design

Display Systems

  • Backlight units
  • Projection systems
  • Micro-optic films
  • Light guides
  • Frustrated TIR and surface computing
  • NVIS displays
  • Mobile devices

Design for Cost-Effective optical Prototype and Manufacture

Our engineers share a single vision and a common goal: to meet the challenges of any  design problem with world-class, cost-effective solutions and to follow these solutions through to hardware implementation. Our comprehensive approach includes collaborating with you to achieve your quality, performance, packaging, weight, schedule and budget goals. Our optical design expertise, coupled with an understanding of optical fabrication processes and careful optical tolerance analysis, ensure that our solutions will perform as predicted. Using the superior engineering capabilities, we develop accurate optical design quickly and efficiently.

If You Need Help Selecting optical companies

Because our product is your success, we can proactively help you identify the best optical companies for your system and work with you to communicate your needs. In considering optical companies for your project, we match your needs for fabrication and assembly tolerances to the capabilities of optical companies we know well. By providing you with a list of qualified optical companies, we put you in a position to negotiate a competitive price and the quality you require.

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