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One-Stop Optical Lens design in Visible Light

            Optical lens design is the process of designing a lens to meet a set of performance requirements and constraints, including cost and manufacturing limitations.A team of experienced optical professionals in Shape optics will manage your project from lens design start to finish, allowing you more time to focus on your business.

One-Stop Infrared Optics design

Designing infrared optics involves creating optical systems that are specifically optimized to operate in the infrared spectrum, which ranges from about 700 nanometers to 1 millimeter in wavelength. This spectrum is divided into near-infrared, mid-infrared, and far-infrared bands. The design of infrared optics is critical in various applications including thermal imaging, night vision, remote sensing, and telecommunications.

One-Stop Optical Crystals Selection

“Optical crystal” refers to a type of high-quality, lead-free glass that is exceptionally clear and free from imperfections. It is often used in the manufacturing of lenses, prisms, and other optical components due to its high transparency and excellent light-refracting properties. The clarity and purity of optical crystal make it an ideal choice for precision optics in scientific instruments, photography, and various types of visual equipment.

Laser beam shaping never was so easy!

Laser beam shaping are used in a wide range of laser instrumentation or laser applications, including laser beam steering or material processing. Laser Optics use specific optical substrates, optical coatings, or a combination of the two to provide superior performance at specific laser wavelengths or over a range of wavelengths. With a unique tools it is possible to convert a Gaussian laser beam into a collimated flattop (or top-hat) beam with nearly 100% efficiency. No more losing of energy! This process is called Laser beam shaping.  

Shape Optics is able to design and customize a wide variety of Laser beam shaping Optics, including Laser Lenses, Laser Mirrors, Laser Filters, along with a variety of other components designed for laser use. 

Why Choose us on lighting design?

We are Lighting focused

  Lighting Design and Engineering is considered as a niche field, which means that most product manufacturers do not have an in-house lighting design expertise for it. This situation creates a gap in the processes of many companies.

      Shape Optics Technologies Pte Ltd aims to bridge that gap, acting as an extension of our clients’ organizations and allowing them to leverage on our engineering expertise for their manufacturing functions. We are a one-stop shop for lighting, covering lens design, optical prototyping and volume production. Little wonder our clients think of us as their optical technology partners.

      Except of having a fixed set of products, we manufacture optical components based on our clients’ precise requirements. 

One-Stop optical lighting design solutions

In order to perform competently in the face of future challenges, Shape Optics Technologies devoted to continuously developing its capability of delivering single-source optical lens design solution to customers.

Optical Filter Sets Assembly Production Process

A unique in-depth look at how we assemble our optical components and optical lens. The process is delicately handled with care and tested vigorously with our quality control process.

Optical Module / Light Engine Production Process

Prism / Cube Production Process

Our lens design engineers are experts in high-res, diffraction-limited lens systems. Using the most innovative in-house optical metrology, we offer unmatched cost-effective high-precision lens assembly and ensure performance with our testing protocol.

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