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An optical company specialized in reverse-engineering

System Reverse-Engineering is always a challenging task, especially in optical system. Shapeoptics is an optical company in Singapore specialized in optical system reverse-engineering, such as camera lens design or fibre optics system.  Optical reverse engineering is a process that optical engineers use the understanding, to redesign an existing optical lens or assembly, such as a camera or fibre optics system. As the name implies, reverse engineering requires you to start with a finished product and work backwards, deconstructing the optical system to determine how its components produce — or fail to produce — a desired effect. The optical company should be able to either recreate the optical system or redesign it to better meet a client’s needs, after a thorough study of the system . 

You may need to find an optical company for a fibre optics or camera lens design if:

  • You need to replace an off-the-shelf product due to its price or availability. 
  • You don’t have access to the full specifications of a lens you rely on, you need to redesign optics to reflect its specs.
  • You want to improve an off-the-shelf lens to fulfill challenging requirements. 

Excellence in camera lens design

    As one of the optical companies in optical reverse engineering, Shapeoptics uses a variety of techniques and tactics to form a complete understanding of the optical system. Our company consists of a creative team of talented designers and highly skilled manufacturing specialists in camera lens design. Through our unique combination of camera lens design and strong links with Asian manufacturing optical company,  we are able to deliver a camera that is world-class and cost effective to produce.

We help our clients and partners from a wide range of industries to re-create and re-develop their camera products. We, as an optical company in Singapore, stand every day at the edge of the most advanced technology and manufacturing, and service the most demanding customers with the highest, sensitive and delicate optics products.  if you have any questions regarding to camera lens design, please look for us. We provide opto-technical consulting service.


An optical company,serves the fibre optics from "Cradle to grave ”

   Shapeoptics technologies is an optical company who has strong capability in fibre optics design, we have the ability to offer fully integrated fibre optics concepts from initial design stage through to detailed fibre optics design, fibre manufacture, fibre installation, decommissioning and fibre waste treatment services. Our extensive experience as an optical company ensures that we effectively manage projects from ‘cradle to grave’ offering innovative solutions to fully satisfy our customers.

Our Expertise can Solve Your Optical Engineering Problems:

  • Fibre optics analysis
  • Fibre optics fabrication
  • Fibre optics assembly and optical system alignment
  • Opto-Fibre-Optics-mechanical design and analysis
  • Optical system test equipment design and analysis
  • High precision optical alignment and optical assembly
  • Camera lens design and camera optics assembly
  • A passion and persistence for high precision measurement and analysis

If You Need Help Selecting an optical company

Because our product is your success, we would proactively help you identify the best optical company for your system and work with you to communicate your needs,if you don’t have any preferred optical company.  In considering optical company for your project, we match your needs for fabrication and assembly tolerances to the capabilities of optical company we know well. By providing you with a list of qualified optical company, we put you in a position to negotiate a competitive price and the quality you require. 

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