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Polarizing Beamsplitter Plate


A Polarizing Beamsplitter Plate split randomly polarized Beams into two linearly polarized beams, S polarized light is reflected and P polarized light is transmitted


●Laser Systems

●3D Projection Display


●Material : BK7, Fused Silica

●Flatness: λ/4

●Surface quality: 60-40

●AOI 45° or  56.5°

●Transmittance Distortion <λ/8

●Reflectance Distortion  <λ/4

●Extinction Ratio >500:1


Wavelength(nm) T/R Size Φ25.4x2mm Size Φ12.7x2mm
532 Tp>98.0%@532nm Rs>99.5%@532nm PBP-532-02 PBP-532-01
633 Tp>98.0%@633nm Rs>99.5%@633nm PBP-633-02 PBP-633-01
808 Tp>98.0%@808nm Rs>99.5%@808nm PBP-808-02 PBP-808-01
1064 Tp>98.0%@1064nm Rs>99.5%@1064nm PBP-1064-02 PBP-1064-01
1550 Tp>98.0%@1550nm Rs>99.5%@1550nm PBP-1550-02 PBP-1550-01
420-680 Tp>98.0%@420-680nm Rs>99.5%@420-680nm PBP-VIS-02 PBP-VIS-01


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