Beamsplitter Plate

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A beamsplitter Plate is used to break a beam into two separate beams. It will reflect a portion of the incident energy, absorb a small portion and transmit the remaining energy.


Optical System


●Material : BK7, Fused Silica

●Flatness: λ/4

●Surface quality: 60-40

●Coating: S1 single or broadband wavelength beamsplitter coatings, S2 AR coating ,AOI 45°

●T/R=50/50, 30/70, 40/60, T=(Ts+Tp)/2, R=(Rs+Rp)/2


Wavelength(nm) T/R Size Φ25.4x2mm Size Φ12.7x2mm
532 T/R=50/50±2% CBP-532-50-01 CBP-532-50-02
632 T/R=40/60±2% CBP-632-40-01 CBP-632-40-02
808 T/R=30/70±2% CBP-808-30-01 CBP-808-30-02
1064 T/R=20/80±2% CBP-1064-20-01 CBP-1064-20-02
1550 T/R=80/20±2% CBP-1550-80-01 CBP-1550-80-02
450-650 T/R=25/75±3% CBP-VIS-25-01 CBP-VIS-25-02
450-650 T/R=30/70±3% CBP-VIS-30-01 CBP-VIS-30-02
450-650 T/R=50/50±3% CBP-VIS-50-01 CBP-VIS-50-02
450-650 T/R=70/30±3% CBP-VIS-70-01 CBP-VIS-70-02
   450-650 T/R=80/20±3% CBP-VIS-80-01 CBP-VIS-80-02
650-900 T/R=50/50±3% CBP-650-900-50-01 CBP-650-900-50-02
900-1200 T/R=50/50±3% CBP-900-1200-50-01 CBP-900-1200-50-02

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