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Cube Beamsplitter

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Cube beamsplitter are contructed by cementing two Right angle prisms together with interference coating On the hypotenuse surface and AR coating on all input and output surfaces.


Optical System


●Wide wavelength range

●High Precision


Wavelength(nm) T/R Size Φ25.4x2mm Size Φ12.7x2mm
532 T/R=50/50±2% CBS-532-50-01 CBS-532-50-02
632 T/R=50/50±2% CBS-632-50-01 CBS-632-50-02
670 T/R=50/50±3% CBS-670-50-01 CBS-670-50-02
780 T/R=50/50±3% CBS-780-50-01 CBS-780-50-02
1064 T/R=50/50±3% CBS-1064-50-01 CBS-1064-50-02
1310 T/R=50/50±3% CBS-1310-50-01 CBS-1310-50-02
400-700 T/R=50/50±3% CBS-VIS-50-01 CBS-VIS-50-02
659-900 T/R=50/50±3% CBS-650-900-50-01 CBS-650-900-50-02
900-1200 T/R=50/50±3% CBS-900-1200-50-01 CBS-900-1200-50-02
1200-1600 T/R=50/50±3% CBS-900-1200-50-01 CBS-900-1200-50-02

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