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Polarizing Beamsplitter

Polarizing Beamsplitter
Polarizing Beamsplitter


Polarizing Beamsplitter cube split randomly polarized Beams into two linearly polarized components, S-polarized light is reflected which P-polarized light is transmitted.


●AR glasses

3D projection Display


●High reflection

●High transmission

●High extinction ratio

●Wide wavelength range


Type Wavelength(nm) T/R Size 10x10x10mm Size 25.4×25.4×25.4mm
Polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes of single   band 488 Tp>96%, Rs>99% PBS-488-01 PBS-488-50-02
532 Tp>96%, Rs>99% PBS-532-01 PBS-532-50-02
650 Tp>96%, Rs>99% PBS-650-01 PBS-650-50-02
808 Tp>96%, Rs>99% PBS-808-01 PBS-808-50-02
976 Tp>96%, Rs>99% PBS-976-01 PBS-976-50-02
1064 Tp>96%, Rs>99% PBS-1064-01 PBS-1064–50-02
Polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes of broad   band 420-680 Tpave>95%, Rs>99% PBS-VIS-01 PBS-VIS-50-02
600-900 Tpave>95%, Rs>99% PBS-600-900-01 PBS-600-900-50-02
900-1200 Tpave>95%, Rs>99% PBS-900-1200-01 PBS-900-1200-50-02
1200-1600 Tpave>95%, Rs>99% PBS-1200-1600-01 PBS-1200-1600-50-02

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