Laser Filters

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Laser Filters are used to reject a wavelength or range of wavelengths while transmitting wanted wavelengths for a number of laser applications.  Shapeoptics offers a wide range of Laser Filters suited for many laser system needs.


●Laser-based Fluorescence Instrumentation

Raman Spectroscope

●Analytical and Medical Laser Systems


● Ultrahigh Peak Transmission T >80%

● Excellent Blocking (OD>4.0)

● Dielectric Coated with IBS Technology


● Minimum Size:Φ2mm or 2mm×2mm

● Maximum Size:Φ50mm or 55×55mm

●Surface quality: 80-50

●Damage threshold::20J/cm2,10ns pulse

● Typical wavelength:488,532,632.8,788,808,980,1064,1570nm

● Environmental conditions: Per Mil-STD-810E, Method 507.3

● Operating Temperature:  -40℃- +60℃

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