Fluorescence Filter Sets for COVID-19

Shapeoptics has produced high fluorescence filter  by high-tech optical thin film technology for Covid-19 in PCR application. 

Testing Process

  • High filter performance index requirements (4 and 6 filters working)
  • Wavelength positioning Accuracy:+/-2nm , Noise Reduction:<1.0E-8 Channel crosstalk:<1.0E-6 (Production:Complex and difficult )
  • Plasma physics magnetron sputtering physical vapor deposition reaction

500 coating layers 2. Nanoscale
3. Optical film

Fluorescence filter
the center component of PCR detector

  1. Including Excitation,Emission,Dichroic filter
  2. Suitable for kinds of fluorophore
  3. Deep Blocking >OD6
  4. High Transmission>95%
  5. Sharp Slope


Typical fluorescence filters can be customizedpage4image56345408

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EX means Excitation filter EM means Emission filter DM means Dichroic filter

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