Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror Product Description

High-quality optical convex mirrors are available for use with light throughout the UV, VIS, and IR spectral regions. Shapeoptics offers a range of laser, flat, metal substrate, focusing, or specialty Optical Mirrors . In a multitude of reflective coating options, including Protected Aluminum, Enhanced Aluminum, Protected Silver, Protected Gold, or Dielectric.

Difference between convex and concave mirror

Convex-mirror reflects light off of the outer surface and bulges out towards the viewer. On the other hand, a concave mirror reflects light off of the inner surface of the mirror and bulges away from the viewer. A convex-mirror always forms a virtual and upright image on the right side of the mirror, no matter where the object is placed on the left side of the mirror. On the other hand, concave mirrors can form either a virtual or real images, depending on where the object is actually placed on the left side.

Choosing the proper reflective coating option ensures high reflectivity of the needed wavelength or wavelength range, our standard mirror specs

Protected Aluminum Mirror Ravg>90% 0.4-0.7μm
Enhanced Aluminum Mirror Ravg>92% 0.45-0.65μm
Protected Silver Ravg>95% 0.5-0.8μm, Ravg>95% 2-10μm
Protected Gold Ravg>95% 0.8-2μm, Ravg>84% 0.7-0.8μm
Dielectric  Mirror Coatings Ravg >99.99% >400nm
Mirror shape Plano Mirrors, Cylindrical  Mirrors, Prism Mirrors,
Spherical Mirrors, Aspherical Mirrors,
Elliptical Mirrors, Cone Mirrors,
Right Angle Prism Mirrors
Category Flat Mirrors, Laser Line Mirrors, IR Mirrors,
Focusing (Concave) Mirrors, Hot and Cold Mirrors,
Backside Polished Mirrors and Specialty Mirrors.
Substrates H-K9L(N-BK7), Fused Silica
Diameter 1-250mm
Dia. tolerance +/-0.1mm, +/-0.01mm
Surface Flatness lambda/4 , lambda/2
AOI 0deg – 90deg
Chamfer 0.1~0.3mm x 45degree
Clear Aperture > 90%, >85%
Surface Quality 60-40, 40-20 or better

Shapeoptics convex mirrors are used in high reflectance applications in the visible and infrared spectrum. Shapeoptics protected silver mirrors have an overcoat of SiO2 to increase durability and to meet the adhesion, abrasion, temperature and humidity requirements of MIL-M-13508C.

Convex Mirror

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