Non-polarizing Beamsplitter

Polarizing Beamsplitter


With the low polarization dependence of themetallic/ dielectric hybrid coating, non-polarizing beamsplitter allows the transmission and reflection for S and P polarization light to be with in 6% of each other.


Medical Imaging

●Test Equipment


●Material : BK7, Fused Silica

●Flatness: λ/4

●Beam Deviation: <3’

●Surface quality: 60-40

●Coating: T/R=48/48±5%, ITs-TpI<5%, IRs-RpI<5%

AOI 0°


A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Wavelength(nm)T/RSize 12.7×12.7×12.7mmSize 25.4×25.4×25.4mm
488T/R=48/48±5% ITs-TpI<5%  IRs-RpI<5%NPBS-488-01NPBS-488-02
532T/R=48/48±5% ITs-TpI<5%  IRs-RpI<5%NPBS-532-01NPBS-532-02
808T/R=48/48±5% ITs-TpI<5%  IRs-RpI<5%NPBS-808-01NPBS-808-02
450-650T/R=48/48±5% ITs-TpI<5%  IRs-RpI<5%NPBS-VIS-01NPBS-VIS-02
650-900T/R=48/48±5% ITs-TpI<5%  IRs-RpI<5%NPBS-650-900-01NPBS-650-900-02
900-1200T/R=48/48±5% ITs-TpI<5%  IRs-RpI<5%NPBS-900-1200-01NPBS-900-1200-02
1200-1600T/R=48/48±5% ITs-TpI<5%  IRs-RpI<5%NPBS-1200-1600-01NPBS-1200-1600-02

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