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Metallic Mirror

Metallic Mirror


Full Metallic Mirror often refers to the reflection Mirror formed by metal film on the substrate

●Coating material:Ti3O5,SiO2

●Dimension range:φ3mm~φ200mm


●Tolerance:±0.1mm ; Surfuce Quality:40-20

●Flatness:1/2λ ;Parallelism:<3′

●Other wavelengths and dimensions


●Environmental protection inspection

●Medical equipment and laser range finder

●High precision optical instruments


●High reflectivity on broadband

●Coating are insensitive to the incident angle and polarization

●No pinhole with special techniques

●Great adhesion durability

●Long product life


UV-edhanced Aluminum Mirror Protected  Aluminum Mirror Protected Sliver Mirror Protected Gold Mirror
High reflectivity  on ultraviolet band Greatly durability Greatly durability and   stability ,on pins,high reflectivity from 450nm-IR Greatly durability and   stability , high reflectivity from 2um-FIR
Specifications Specifications Specifications Specifications




R>95%@450-IR R>95%@2um-FIR
Material Size(mm) UV-enhanced Aluminum Protected  Aluminum Protected Sliver Protected Gold
K9 D25.4T2 AL-UV-K9-D25.4T2 AL-K9-D25.4T2 Ag-K9-D25.4T2 Au-K9-D25.4T2
K9 D50.8T2 AL-UV-K9-D50.8T2 AL-K9-D50.8T2 Ag-K9-D50.8T2 Au-K9-D25.4T2
JGS1 D25.4T2 AL-UV- JGS1-D25.4T2 AL-JGS1-D25.4T2 Ag-JGS1-D25.4T2 Au-K9-D25.4T2
JGS1 D50.8T2 AL-UV- JGS1-D50.8T2 AL-JGS1-D50.8T2 Ag-JGS1-D50.8T2 Au-K9-D25.4T2
Pyrex D25.4T2 AL-UV- PR -D25.4T2 AL-PR -D25.4T2 Ag-PR -D25.4T2 Au-K9-D25.4T2
Pyrex D50.8T2 AL-UV-PR-D50.8T2 AL-PR-D50.8T2 Ag-PR-D50.8T2 Au-K9-D25.4T2

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