Bandpass Filter

Bandpass Filter Description

Iterference bandpass filter is used to isolate and transmit a specified narrow wavelength and reflect all other incident wavelengths.

Shapeoptics provides fast delivery for hundreds of bandpass filter combinations. Constructed by combining longpass and shortpass standard edges in a proprietary ring assembly, shapeoptics bandpass filters meet the size and quality requirements for many optical systems.

figure Bandpass Filters

All individual mounted interference bandpass filters are CNC scribed and hermetically sealed to form a stack in their rings, ensuring maximum long-term stability. Although our standard stock range is mounted, un-mounted types with aerospace paint blackened edges can be supplied at request

Our Band pass filters   Technique Data:

FWHM:30nm-80nm OD:2-3

FWHM:5nm-25nm   OD:4-6

Size: φ6-φ90 or custom

Center Wavelength Range:340-1064nm

(340 380 405 450 492 510 546 578 600 620 630 808 850 940 1064…)

Our Bandpass Filter standard Product

Our stock range of high quality visible and NIR filters is available from 400nm – 940nm in various bandwidths to meet most requirements from ANPR imaging to CCTV and high-end surveillance systems. Typically, our band pass filter filters are 3-7 cavity and in most cases blocking is metal dielectric from 200nm to FIR (3000+nm) at OD4. This broadband range of interference bandpass filter has a standard 60-70% transmission.

25mm dia.50x50mm
Band-pass Filter / 254nm25410XBPA254ZBPA254
High Transmission Band-pass Filter / 254nm25410XHQA254
Band-pass Filter / 260nm26010XBPA260ZBPA260
High Transmission Band-pass Filter / 260nm26010XHQA260
Band-pass Filter / 270nm27010XBPA270ZBPA270
High Transmission Band-pass Filter / 270nm27010XHQA270
Band-pass Filter / 280nm28010XBPA280ZBPA280
High Transmission Band-pass Filter / 280nm28010XHQA280
Band-pass Filter / 290nm29010XBPA290ZBPA290
High Transmission Band-pass Filter / 290nm29010XHQA290
Bandpass Filter / 300nm30010XBPA300ZBPA300
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 300nm30010XHQA300
Bandpass Filter / 310nm31010XBPA310ZBPA310
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 310nm31010XHQA310
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 313nm31310XHQA313
Bandpass Filter / 320nm32010XBPA320ZBPA320
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 320nm32010XHQA320ZHQA320
Bandpass Filter / 330nm33010XBPA330ZBPA330
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 330nm33010XHQA330ZHQA330
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 334nm33410XHQA334ZHQA334
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 340nm34010XBPA340ZBPA340
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 340nm34010XHQA340ZHQA340
Red Rejection UV Filter 340nm340XRR0340ZRR0340
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 350nm35010XBPA350ZBPA350
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 350nm35010XHQA350ZHQA350
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 360nm36010XBPA360ZBPA360
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 360nm36010XHQA360ZHQA360
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 365nm36510XBPA365ZBPA365
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 365nm36510XHQA365ZHQA365
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 370nm37010XBPA370ZBPA370
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 370nm37010XHQA370ZHQA370
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 380nm38010XBPA380ZBPA380
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 380nm38010XHQA380ZHQA380
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 390nm39010XBPA390ZBPA390
High Transmission Bandpass Filter / 390nm39010XHQA390ZHQA390
Interference-Band-pass Filters/ 400nm40010XBPA400ZBPA400
Interference-Band-pass Filters / 405nm40510XBPA405ZBPA405
Interference-Band-pass Filters/ 410nm41010XBPA410ZBPA410
Interference-Band-pass Filters / 420nm42010XBPA420ZBPA420
Interference-Band-pass Filters / 430nm43010XBPA430ZBPA430
Interference-Band-pass Filters/ 436nm43610XBPA436ZBPA436
Interference-Band-pass Filters / 440nm44010XBPA440ZBPA440
Interference-Band-pass Filters / 450nm45010XBPA450ZBPA450
Interference-Band-pass Filters/ 460nm46010XBPA460ZBPA460
Interference-Band-pass Filters/ 470nm47010XBPA470ZBPA470
Interference-Band-pass Filters / 480nm48010XBPA480ZBPA480
Interference-Band-pass Filters / 490nm49010XBPA490ZBPA490
Interference-Band-pass Filters/ 500nm50010XBPA500ZBPA500
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 510nm51010XBPA510ZBPA510
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 520nm52010XBPA520ZBPA520
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 530nm53010XBPA530ZBPA530
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 540nm54010XBPA540ZBPA540
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 550nm55010XBPA550ZBPA550
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 560nm56010XBPA560ZBPA560
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 570nm57010XBPA570ZBPA570
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 580nm58010XBPA580ZBPA580
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 590nm59010XBPA590ZBPA590
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 600nm60010XBPA600ZBPA600
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 610nm61010XBPA610ZBPA610
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 620nm62010XBPA620ZBPA620
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 630nm63010XBPA630ZBPA630
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 640nm64010XBPA640ZBPA640
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 650nm65010XBPA650ZBPA650
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 660nm66010XBPA660ZBPA660
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 670nm67010XBPA670ZBPA670
Interference-Band-pass Filter/ 680nm68010XBPA680ZBPA680
Interference-Band-pass Filter / 690nm69010XBPA690ZBPA690
Band-pass Filter / 700nm70010XBPA700ZBPA700
Band-pass Filter / 710nm71010XBPA710ZBPA710
Band-pass Filter / 720nm72010XBPA720ZBPA720
Band-pass Filter / 730nm73010XBPA730ZBPA730
Band-pass Filter / 740nm74010XBPA740ZBPA740
Band-pass Filter / 750nm75010XBPA750ZBPA750
Band-pass Filter / 760nm76010XBPA760ZBPA760
Band-passFilter / 770nm77010XBPA770ZBPA770
Band-pass Filter / 780nm78010XBPA780ZBPA780
Band-pass Filter / 790nm79010XBPA790ZBPA790
Band-passFilter / 800nm80010XBPA800ZBPA800
Band-pass Filter / 810nm81010XBPA810ZBPA810
Band-pass Filter / 820nm82010XBPA820ZBPA820
Band-pass Filter / 830nm83010XBPA830ZBPA830
Band-pass Filter / 840nm84010XBPA840ZBPA840
Band-pass Filter / 850nm85010XBPA850ZBPA850
Band-pass Filter / 860nm86010XBPA860ZBPA860
Band-pass Filter / 870nm87010XBPA870ZBPA870
Band-passFilter / 880nm88010XBPA880ZBPA880
Band-pass Filter / 890nm89010XBPA890ZBPA890
Band-pass Filter / 900nm90010XBPA900ZBPA900

Optical Band Pass Filters are used to selectively transmit or reject a wavelength or range of wavelengths. It is used in applications such as fluorescence microscopy, clinical chemistry, spectroscopy, or machine vision inspection. Custom filters are available for both large manufacturing needs and in prototype volumes. Contact us for more information or to arrange a quote.

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