Short Pass Filter

short pass filter

Short pass filter description: 

Short pass filter  is a filter in which the pass band is a wavelength range lower than the wavelength range that is blocked. It  pass all wavelengths shorter than the cut off wavelength, and it includes IR cutoff filters, hot mirrors, and heat absorbing filters.

fgr_short pass filter

Difference between long pass filter, short pass filter, dichroic filter and IR/UV cut Filter

Long pass Filter can transmit wavelengths greater than the cut-on wavelength, while Short pass Filters transmit wave-lengths shorter than the cut-off wavelength. Dichroic filters perform the same function, while guaranteeing that the  rejected wavelengths are reflected. Any of these filters can be designed for 0  or 45  angle of incidence. Edge and Di-chroic Filters are commonly used in Fluorescence instrumentation, Heat Rejection Applications, and as Color Filters.  While somewhat angle sensitive, they are more forgiving than bandpass interference filters.

Our Short Pass Filter Normal Specifications

Material:Optical glass, fused silica
Clear aperture:> 80% of diameter
Surface quality:60-40 scratch and dig
Transmitted wavefront, P-VLambda/4
Coating type:Short pass filter
Surface 1:multi-layer dielectric coating
Surface 2:MgF2
Slope:90% – 10% < 10nm
Blocking:Optical density, OD > 4

Shape Optics Short Pass Filter Standard Parts

DescriptionCut-off (nm)Thickness (mm)Item#
25mm dia.50x50mm
Shortpass Filter / UV 265nm2651XUS0265ZUS0265
Shortpass Filter / UV 300nm3001XUS0300ZUS0300
Shortpass Filter / UV 325nm3251XUS0325ZUS0325
Shortpass Filter / UV 325nm (Blocking Range ~ 700nm)3251XUV0325ZUV0325
Shortpass Filter / UV 350nm3501XUS0350ZUS0350
Shortpass Filter / UV 350nm3501XHS0350ZHS0350
Shortpass Filter / UV 385nm3851XUS0385ZUS0385
Shortpass Filter / UV 385nm3851XHS0385ZHS0385
Shortpass Filter / UV 400nm4001XHS0400ZHS0400
Shortpass Filter / UV 400nm (Blocking Range ~ 700nm)4001XUV0400ZUV0400
Shortpass Filter / UV 425nm4251XHS0425ZHS0425
Shortpass Filter / UV 450nm4501XHS0450ZHS0450
Shortpass Filter / UV 500nm5001XHS0500ZHS0500
Shortpass Filter / VIS 430nm4301XVS0430ZVS0430
Shortpass Filter / VIS 450nm4501XVS0450ZVS0450
Shortpass Filter / VIS 470nm4701XVS0470ZVS0470
Shortpass Filter / VIS 490nm4901XVS0490ZVS0490
Shortpass Filter / VIS 510nm5101XVS0510ZVS0510
Shortpass Filter / VIS 530nm5301XVS0530ZVS0530
Shortpass Filter / VIS 550nm5501XVS0550ZVS0550
Shortpass Filter / VIS 570nm5701XVS0570ZVS0570
Shortpass Filter / VIS 590nm5901XVS0590ZVS0590
Shortpass Filter / VIS 610nm6101XVS0610ZVS0610
Shortpass Filter / VIS 630nm6301XVS0630ZVS0630
Shortpass Filter / VIS 650nm6501XVS0650ZVS0650
Shortpass Filter / VIS 670nm6701XVS0670ZVS0670
Shortpass Filter / VIS 690nm6901XVS0690ZVS0690
Shortpass Filter / VIS 710nm7101XVS0710ZVS0710
Shortpass Filter / VIS 730nm7301XVS0730ZVS0730
Shortpass Filter / VIS 750nm7501XVS0750ZVS0750
Shortpass Filter / IR 780nm7801XIS0780ZIS0780
Shortpass Filter / IR 810nm8101XIS0810ZIS0810
Shortpass Filter / IR 840nm8401XIS0840ZIS0840
Shortpass Filter / IR 870nm8701XIS0870ZIS0870
Shortpass Filter / IR 900nm9001XIS0900ZIS0900
Shortpass Filter / IR 930nm9301XIS0930ZIS0930
Shortpass Filter / IR 960nm9601XIS0960ZIS0960
Shortpass Filter / IR 990nm9901XIS0990ZIS0990
Shape Optics can provide precision filters for many applications, including bandpass interference filter, Cut off filters, UV bandpass filter, Narrow bandpass filter, ND filter, Negative Filter or Notch filters, dichroic, color substrate.

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