Long Wave Pass Filter

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Long pass filter Description

Long wave Pass Filter, or call Long pass filter, it is a filter in which the pass band is a wavelength range higher than the wavelength range that is blocked. Long pass filters pass all wavelengths longer than the cut off wavelength. Long pass filters include cold mirrors, colored glass filters, and thermo set ADC (optical cast plastic) filters.
Long-wave pass filter is thin plate plates with long/pass-wave pass coating on one side, the other side is AR coating.

fgr_long pass filter curve

Difference between long pass filter, short pass filter, dichroic filter and IR/UV cut Filter

Long pass Filters is one of the cut-off filters, it can transmit wavelengths greater than the cut-on wavelength, while Shortpass Filters transmit wave-  lengths shorter than the cut-off wavelength. Dichroic filters perform the same function, while guaranteeing that the  rejected wavelengths are reflected. Any of these filters can be designed for 0  or 45  angle of incidence. Edge and Di- chroic Filters are commonly used in Fluorescence instrumentation, Heat Rejection Applications, and as Color Filters.  While somewhat angle sensitive, they are more forgiving than bandpass interference filters.

Long pass filter Applications

● Beauty equipment
● Face recognition
● optical instrument
● Multi band detection instrument

Shape Optics Long Pass Filter Products

● Material:BK7
● Transmission:>90%
● Blocking:>OD4
● Incidence Angle:0°or 45°
● Surface Quality:40/20
● Clear Aperture:>90%
● Wavelength shift with temperature:<0.25nm/℃
● Damage threshold:300MW/cm²CW, 1J/cm²pulsed
● Other wavelengths ,materials and dimensions are available upon request
● Long- Pass Filters

Description Cut-on (nm) Thickness (mm) Item#
25mm dia. 50x50mm
Longpass Filter / UV 250nm 250 1 XUL0250 ZUL0250
Longpass Filter / UV 275nm 275 1 XUL0275 ZUL0275
Longpass Filter / UV 300nm 300 1 XUL0300 ZUL0300
Longpass Filter / UV 325nm 325 1 XUL0325 ZUL0325
Longpass Filter / UV 350nm 350 1 XUL0350 ZUL0350
Longpass Filter / UV 385nm 385 1 XUL0385 ZUL0385
Longpass Filter / UV 400nm 400 1 XUL0400 ZUL0400
Longpass Filter / UV 422nm 422 1 XUL0422 ZUL0422
Longpass Filter / VIS 430nm 430 1 XVL0430 ZVL0430
Longpass Filter / VIS 450nm 450 1 XVL0450 ZVL0450
Longpass Filter / VIS 470nm 470 1 XVL0470 ZVL0470
Longpass Filter / VIS 490nm 490 1 XVL0490 ZVL0490
Longpass Filter / VIS 510nm 510 1 XVL0510 ZVL0510
Longpass Filter / VIS 530nm 530 1.5 XVL0530 ZVL0530
Longpass Filter / VIS 550nm 550 1.5 XVL0550 ZVL0550
Longpass Filter / VIS 570nm 570 1.5 XVL0570 ZVL0570
Longpass Filter / VIS 590nm 590 1.5 XVL0590 ZVL0590
Longpass Filter / VIS 610nm 610 1.5 XVL0610 ZVL0610
Longpass Filter / VIS 630nm 630 1.5 XVL0630 ZVL0630
Longpass Filter / VIS 650nm 650 2 XVL0650 ZVL0650
Longpass Filter / VIS 670nm 670 2 XVL0670 ZVL0670
Longpass Filter / VIS 690nm 690 2 XVL0690 ZVL0690
Longpass Filter / VIS 710nm 710 2 XVL0710 ZVL0710
Longpass Filter / VIS 730nm 730 2 XVL0730 ZVL0730
Longpass Filter / IR 750nm 750 2 XIL0750 ZIL0750
Longpass Filter / IR 780nm 780 2 XIL0780 ZIL0780
Longpass Filter / IR 810nm 810 2 XIL0810 ZIL0810
Longpass Filter / IR 840nm 840 2 XIL0840 ZIL0840
Longpass Filter / IR 870nm 870 2 XIL0870 ZIL0870
Longpass Filter / IR 900nm 900 2 XIL0900 ZIL0900
Longpass Filter / IR 930nm 930 2 XIL0930 ZIL0930
Longpass Filter / IR 960nm 960 2 XIL0960 ZIL0960
Longpass Filter / IR 990nm 990 2 XIL0990 ZIL0990

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