Total Reflector

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Total reflector is mainly as a back mirror or folding mirror and used for the laser resonant cavity, or as a deflection mirror to transfer the beam on the outside of the laser.


●Laser Marking

●Laser Cutting

●Laser Engraving


●High durability

●High thermal stability

●High thermal conductivity


Material Wavelength Size Reflectivity Radius
Silicon 10.6μm Φ18 >99.4% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Silicon 10.6μm Φ38 >99.4% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Silicon 10.6μm Φ50.8 >99.4% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Silicon 10.6μm Φ76 >99.4% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Copper 10.6μm Φ18 >99.5% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Copper 10.6μm Φ38 >99.5% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Copper 10.6μm Φ50.8 >99.5% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Copper 10.6μm Φ76 >99.5% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Fused Slica 1064nm Φ12.7 >99.7% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Fused Slica 1064nm Φ20 >99.7% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Fused Slica 1064nm Φ38 >99.7% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat
Fused Slica 1064nm Φ50.8 >99.7% 3M/5M/8M/10M/Flat

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