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Beam Combiner

A picture containing food, glass

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Beam Combiner usually used in system alignment calibrated by laser diode.To combine two different ware length beam, can be used in calibration optics.


●Laser Cutting

●Laser Welding

●Laser Cladding

●Laser Medical


High damage threshold

●High transmission

●High reflection


Material Wavelength Diameter(mm) Thickness
ZnSe 10.6μmT650nmR Φ12.7 2
ZnSe 10.6μmT650nmR Φ25.4 3
ZnSe 10.6μmT650nmR Φ25.4 2
BK7/Fused Slica 1064nmT650nmR Φ38.1 3
BK7/Fused Slica 1064nmT650nmR Φ12.7 2
BK7/Fused Slica 1064nmT650nmR Φ25.4 3
BK7/Fused Slica 1064nmT650nmR Φ30 1.5
BK7/Fused Slica 1064nmT650nmR Φ38.1 2.5
BK7/Fused Slica 532nmT650nmR Φ25.4 2
BK7/Fused Slica 532nmT650nmR Φ30 2

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