Solar-blind UV filters

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UV Filters Description

Our UV bandpass filters are designed to have a narrow spectral band of UV and reject out-of-band wavelengths from 200nm to 1200nm. Shapeoptics has developed solar-blind UV filters for applications in detection of weak UV signal against a strong background of solar radiation. High performance filters are fabricated with high peak transmission in the pass band and sufficient rejection ratio in visible and near-infrared wavelength ranges.


●Corona Detection on Power Lines

●Detect corona and  arcing emitted on high voltage equipment

●Monitor forest fire

●Remote sensing testing equipment

●Atmospheric studies

●UV photography

Our UV shortpass filters are designed to have a very sharp transition between the reflect and pass bands while maintaining very high transmission at UV pass bands. The spectral transmission properties are uniform over the entire aperture of the filters. UV shortpass filters can be combined with our UV longpass filters in pairs to create a variety of transmission bands.



●High transmission

●Deep blocking

●Wide incidence angle

●High signal-to-background ratiio

●Less sensitivity to environmental variation

●Thin in thickness(7mm)


UV Bandpass fitler

UV Blind General Products Specs

Interference fIlters   

– Bandpass filters

– Narrow bandpass filter

Technique Data:

FWHM:30nm-80nm OD:2-3

FWHM:5nm-25nm   OD:4-6

Size: φ6-φ90 or custom

Center Wavelength Range:340-1064nm

(340 380 405 450 492 510 546 578 600 620 630 808 850 940 1064…)

UV Interference filter

Center Wavelength Range: 214-380nm
peak transmittance  (%): 214nm 220nm :>10%   230nm:>12%
254nm 260nm:>15%    280nm 297nm:>20%
340nm 352nm 365nm 380nm:>30% 
FWHM: 8nm-25nm
Blocking depth range(nm): OD2-OD5@200~1100nm
Blocking range: 200nm~1100 nm
Size: 2mm-50mm 
Operating temperature:  -40°C~+60°C
Clear aperture: f2mm~f50mm

Our Stock UV short pass filter Products

DescriptionCut-off (nm)Thickness (mm)Item#
25mm dia.50x50mm
Shortpass Filter / UV 265nm2651XUS0265ZUS0265
Shortpass Filter / UV 300nm3001XUS0300ZUS0300
Shortpass Filter / UV 325nm3251XUS0325ZUS0325
Shortpass Filter / UV 350nm3501XUS0350ZUS0350
Shortpass Filter / UV 350nm3501XHS0350ZHS0350
Shortpass Filter / UV 385nm3851XUS0385ZUS0385
Shortpass Filter / UV 385nm3851XHS0385ZHS0385
Shortpass Filter / UV 400nm4001XHS0400ZHS0400

Shapeoptics offers variable kinds of precise Solar blind UV filters that will surely fit your needs and deliver the solution. We always manifest the measured performance graph if available so that customers can simply understand if you can use it in your application. All our products are carefully tested and measured by lot-base and those data are attached with the products when shipped. We will give you the “safe” products proven with the fact.

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