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ShapeOptics Knowledge Center

An extensive knowledge and experiences related with optical design, engineering, application notes, videos, technical tools, and other optical engineering resources are available here! Hope it will help you.

Knowledge center

If you can’t find the info which you expect, you could go to the Shapeoptics Online Library, or email us: [email protected], we will guide you to find the  knowledge and techniques you want. 

Band pass filter photo

Bandpass Filter

Iterference bandpass filter is used to isolate and transmit a specified narrow wavelength and reflect all other incident wavelengths.

Fluorescence Filter

Fluorescence Filter

Shapeoptics fabricates fluorescence filters which are suitable for single and multiple microscopy application, including GFP FRET, photons, quantum dots ,pinkel, contrast imaging and other technologies.

solar-blind UV filters

Solar-blind UV filters

Shapeoptics has developed solar-blind UV filters for applications in detection of weak UV signal against a strong background of solar radiation. High performance filters are fabricated with high peak transmission in the pass band and sufficient rejection ratio in visible and near-infrared wavelength ranges.

Shapeoptics Online Library

In the Shapeoptics Library, There are millions of application notes, videos, technical tools, and other engineering books related with optics, which are from the collections of our 20+ optical experts in the last 30 years working periods.

If you can’t find the info you expect, please drop us a call, or visit our office, or email us any time when you feel convenient, we will assist you at our best 

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