Dielectric HR Mirror


●Full dielectric mirror often refers to the reflection mirror formed by dielectric film on the substrate

●Coating material: Ti3O5,SiO2

●Dimension range:φ3mm~φ200mm,3*3mm~200*200mm





●Surfuce Quality:40-20

●Other wavelengths and dimensions are available upon request


● Stage engineering laser high mirror

● High power laser reflection system

● High precision optical instruments

● Digital microscope

Galvanometer laser motors

● The projector optical engine

● Laser barcode scanner


●High reflectivity

●High damage threshold

●Great adhension durablity

●Clean easily

●High chemical stability


AOI:0 degree /45 degree

Wavelengt(nm) Reflectivity Size(mm) Material P/N(   0°) P/N(   45°)
248 R>99% D25.4 JGS1 DM-B-248-J02 DM-A-248-J02
355 R>99% D25.4 JGS1 DM-B-355-J02 DM-A-355-J02
365 R>99% D25.4 JGS1 DM-B-365-J02 DM-A-365-J02
442 R>99.8% D25.4 K9 DM-B-442-K02 DM-A-442-K02
808 R>99.8% D25.4 K9 DM-B-808-K02 DM-A-808-K02
1550 R>99.8% D25.4 K9 DM-B-1550-K02 DM-A-1550-K02

AOI:0 – 45degree

Wavelengt(nm) Reflectivity Size(mm) Material P/N(0~45°)
300-550 R>99% D25.4 JGS1 DM-C-300-550-J02
400-700 R>99% D25.4 K9 DM-C-400-700-k02
900-1100 R>99% D25.4 K9 DM-C-900-1100-k02

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