Scanning Mirror

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The scanning mirror is light rectangular mirrors, be used for high sped two-axis laser scanning system nd be composed of X and Y mirror.


●Laser Marking

●Laser Precision Welding

Laser Scanning


●High damage threshold

●High reflection


Material Wavelength Reflectivity Spot Diameter
Silicon 10.6μm >99.4% Φ7/Φ10/Φ15/Φ20/Φ25/Φ30
Silicon 2940nm >99.0% Φ7/Φ12/Φ16
BK7 1064nm >99.7% Φ5/Φ8/Φ10/Φ15/Φ20/Φ30
Fused Slica 1064nm >99.7% Φ5/Φ8/Φ10/Φ15/Φ20/Φ30
BK7 650nm >99.7% Φ5/Φ8/Φ10/Φ15/Φ20/Φ30
Fused Slica 650nm >99.7% Φ5/Φ8/Φ10/Φ15/Φ20/Φ30
BK7 532nm >99.7% Φ5/Φ8/Φ10/Φ15/Φ20/Φ30
Fused Slica 532nm >99.7% Φ5/Φ8/Φ10/Φ15/Φ20/Φ30
BK7 355nm >99.7% Φ5/Φ8/Φ10/Φ15/Φ20/Φ30
Fused Slica 355nm >99.7% Φ5/Φ8/Φ10/Φ15/Φ20/Φ30

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