Precision Motorised Filter Wheel

Filter wheels are used on microscopes, cameras, and video systems to position a selected filter in the imaging path quickly and accurately. Motorized Filter Wheels are ideal for a number of automated applications requiring spectral selection or light intensity control. The RS-232 filter wheel can be controlled directly via a control box, or remotely using an RS-232 interface. The USB filter wheel requires a PC connection for motorized operation. Both Motorized Filter Wheels include a Windows®-based graphical user interface, filter wheel housing with integrated stepper motor, USB or RS-232 cables, and 12VDC power supply.

The filter wheel housing can be mounted using English or metric mounting plates. The English mounting plates are designed with three ¼-20 tapped holes for post mounting, and are compatible with English laboratory tables. The metric mounting plates are designed with three M6 tapped holes for post mounting, and are compatible with metric laboratory tables. C-mount or T-mount adapters are available for easy integration.

The USB-to-serial converter allows USB connection of the RS-232 filter wheel’s control box to a computer that does not have a native COM (RS-232) port.

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