Zinc Sulfide Multispectral Window Uncoated

Key Features:

  1. Multispectral Grade Zinc Sulfide Substrate:
    • Material Quality: Made from a high-purity, water-free, multispectral grade of zinc sulfide, providing superior optical performance across a wide range of wavelengths.
  2. Low Absorption and Low Scatter:
    • Wavelength Range: 0.4 – 12 µm
    • Ensures minimal absorption and scattering, making it ideal for high-precision optical applications.
  3. Coating Options:
    • Uncoated: Suitable for general-purpose applications requiring high transmittance across the entire specified wavelength range.
    • 3 – 12 µm Broadband AR Coated: Reduces reflections and enhances transmission specifically in the 3 – 12 µm range, ideal for IR applications.




SHAPE OPTICS Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Multispectral Protective Window Specifications

Parameter Specification
Bevel: Protective as needed
Clear Aperture CA (mm):
Clear Aperture (%): 90.00
Diameter (mm): +0.0/-0.1
Thickness (mm): ±0.1
Coating: Uncoated
Density (g/cm³): 4.08
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion CTE (10^-6/°C): 6.8
Edges: Fine Ground
Index of Refraction n_d: 2.371
Knoop Hardness (kg/mm²): 210
Poisson’s Ratio: 0.27
Parallelism (arcmin): <1
Substrate: Zinc Sulfide Multispectral
Surface Quality: 60-40
Surface Flatness (P-V): λ/10 @ 10.6µm
Type: Protective Window
Wavelength Range (nm): 400 – 12000
Young’s Modulus (GPa): 74.5

Optical Characteristics:

  1. Broad Transmission Range:
    • Visible to Infrared: Excellent transmission from the visible spectrum through to the long-wave infrared (0.4 – 12 µm).
  2. Refractive Index:
    • Similar to general ZnS properties, with a refractive index around 2.35 in the visible range and approximately 2.2 in the mid-IR range.
  3. Scatter and Absorption:
    • Engineered for low scatter and absorption, ensuring clarity and precision in imaging systems.
  4. Mechanical Properties:
    • Hardness: Slightly harder than zinc selenide, providing better scratch resistance.
    • Chemical Resistance: More chemically stable compared to ZnSe, enhancing durability in various environmental conditions.Applications:
  1. Thermal Imaging:
    • Used in thermal cameras and imaging systems where both visible and infrared detection are required.
  2. Military and Defense:
    • Night Vision: Integral to night vision equipment that benefits from broad-spectrum transmission.
    • Missile Guidance: Suitable for use in systems with visible and IR sensors for precise guidance.
  3. Industrial and Environmental Sensing:
    • Gas Detection: Effective in IR-based gas detection systems.
    • Environmental Monitoring: Utilized in sensors for monitoring environmental parameters through IR detection.
  4. Scientific Research:
    • Spectroscopy: Employed in spectroscopic applications needing high transmittance and low scatter across a wide wavelength range.
  5. Medical Imaging:
    • Infrared Thermography: Applied in medical imaging techniques that require clear IR transmission.

Product Specifications:

  1. Diameter Options:
    • Sizes Available: 12.5 mm, 25 mm, 38.1 mm, 50.8 mm
    • Thickness: Options include 2 mm, 3 mm, or 4 mm, catering to different application needs.
  2. Coating Options:
    • Uncoated: Suitable for applications where coating is not necessary.
    • 3 – 12 µm Broadband AR Coated: Enhances performance in IR applications by reducing reflections and improving transmittance.

SHAPEOPTICS Zinc Sulfide Multispectral Windows are highly versatile optical components suitable for a variety of high-precision applications. Their low absorption and scatter, combined with excellent transmission across a broad wavelength range, make them ideal for systems integrating both visible and infrared sensors. The availability of different sizes and coating options further enhances their suitability for diverse industrial, scientific, and defense applications.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 cm


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